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  • Valerie Wilson

Career Readiness: Unveiling Your Passions

I specialize in assisting individuals at various career stages, including early-career professionals, mid-career individuals facing challenges, and those deemed too young to retire but contemplating a career change. Feeling stuck in one's career, regardless of the stage, can be overwhelming. Whether you're stepping into the workforce, aiming for advancement, or considering a career shift, the key to overcoming this sense of being "stuck" lies in answering a fundamental question – what are your passions?

Let's delve briefly into each career stage:

Early Career: If you're an undergraduate, graduate student, or recent graduate, your feeling of being stuck may stem from uncertainty about career paths related to your major. Some majors lack clearly defined career paths but impart valuable skills like communication, problem-solving, or teamwork. Employers often prioritize critical skills and practical work experience gained through internships in your major field. What are your passions?

Mid-Career: For those with several years of professional experience, feeling stuck may arise from frustration with limited opportunities or a lack of advancement. Deciding whether to stay in a similar position or explore a different organization can be challenging. Additional skills or education may be necessary in your career search. What are your passions?

Too Young-to-Retire: If you're ready for your sunset position, feeling stuck might be due to unfulfillment and the desire for a new transition. This moment presents an opportunity to pursue ideas that were put on hold. What are your passions?

In my career coaching practice, I emphasize the importance of identifying passions. True career happiness involves doing something you love. Consider whether you'd still pursue your chosen profession if money weren't a factor. While earning a living is crucial, distinguishing between a job and a career is essential.

At any career stage, keep your passions at the forefront. Whether it's owning your own business or pursuing a new career through further education, continue learning, growing, and networking. Avoid stagnation and be career ready when opportunity knocks.

So, what are your passions? As you embark on your career journey, focus on discovering desires, skills, and abilities that will enhance your chosen career path.

It's never too late to pursue your passions!

Valerie Wilson is a professional career development practitioner, certified career coach, and certified résumé writer whose career spans over 25 years with experience working with college students, adult learners, and seasoned professionals in transition. Her business Career Coaching by Valerie helps individuals with their career transitions.

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