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Let Career Coaching by Valerie help you:

• Define your career goals and gain confidence

• Improve your résumé and cover letters

• Prepare for your next job interview

• Feel confident

• Practice interviewing skills (virtual or in-person)

• Negotiate salary and compare offers

• Build a strong LinkedIn profile

Career Coaching

Professional people need coaches just like athletes. There comes a time in in a person's career when advancement ceases or a job becomes a dead end.  You might need someone to discuss your next professional move and guide you in this competitive job market. This is where career coaching can help. Career coaching is a results-approach to making career decisions. The goal of career coaching is to empower professionals to make informed decisions about managing their career. Let me coach you for your next position.


Résumés and Cover Letters

Do you need a new or updated résumé or cover letter? A professionally written, skill focused résumé is a must as you begin your job search. Because 30 seconds or less is spent reading résumés, it is vital to get a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s instant attention.  I am happy to give you a résumé review or rewrite your résumé. Cover letters are still read by employers and encouraged when requested, changing careers, discussing gaps in employment or explaining transferrable skills for a job with limited experience. I am pleased to review covers letters and offer you guidance on selling your skills and experience to the prospective position.


Interview Coaching

Many young professionals are not savvy enough or experienced and confident in job interviewing. Some senior professionals who have found themselves in a career transition may be rusty too. Job interviewing has changed over the years and multiple interviews are not uncommon before the top candidate is selected for the position. Whether virtual or in-person all candidates must prepared, This is where interview coaching can help you.


LinkedIn Profiles

Do you have a LinkedIn profile that needs some work? Employers are viewing LinkedIn profiles. Your LinkedIn profile should replicate your résumé showcasing your education and work experience. A professional headshot should also be included. Let me help you craft your profile that will get noticed.

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